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25 minute Tabata Workouts with Mark Sleight (using Dumbbells)

Tabata training can be beneficial to the serious athlete and also the beginner. Because you are pushing your body to its own limit, every person will get the same benefits from the sessions. And due to not needing any equipment (although exercises can be enhanced with small amounts of equipment) and very little space, these […]

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7 Minute Outdoor Workout

While not everyone feels inclined to go running at 6am while it’s snowing and dark outside, as soon as the weather starts to change and the days become longer and lighter is the best time to consider moving your exercise outdoors and multiplying the benefits with an outdoor workout to energise and invigorate!   Humans […]

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Exercise Demos

Click Here for a huge list of exercise demonstrations.   If you want to see in more detail how to correctly do an exercise then check out nearly 100 demo videos of individual exercises on the playlist.   Also how about getting creative and putting together your own workout, for the amount of time you […]

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