How to Make Tasty Healthy Food

Being able to make tasty healthy food is important because n matter how dedicated and determined you are, if you food is consistently bland and boring your’re going to have a hard time sticking to it.

But how do you make healthy food taste good without adding a tonne of calories?

If you need to lose weight then reducing calories is key, but many tasty ‘add ons’ to meals are very high calorie – grated cheese, a nob of butter, sweet Oriental sauces and curry sauces are all high in fat and sugar.

Ready meals and jars of sauces can be high in fat, sugar, salt and additives too so aren’t a great use of calories when they rarely offer much in the way of quality nutrients after being processed and stored for so long.

In this video I’ll give you a tonne of super easy, quick, and tasty ways to make healthy foods tastier.

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And don’t forget to print out the Bonus Shopping List of flavour ad-ons below!


We want to add flavour without too many calories, unless part of the over all meal composition (e.g. some strategic spicy guacamole)

Here are 30 ingredients you can add to foods that don’t add many calories. Some aren’t so healthy (e.g. ketchup) but neither are they they worst thing in the world by any means.

Which are your faves? I’m partial to a lemon & salt combo on green veg!

1. lemon juice
2. lime juice
3. all herbs, fresh or dried
4. any spices
5. garlic
6 ginger
7. anchovies (you only need 1-2 per person)
8. parmesan (don’t need much)
9. ketchup
10. hp sauce
11. low sugar bbq sauce
12. vinegar, all types
13. hot sauce (not ‘sweet’ chilli sauce)
14. stock cubes
15 spice blends e.g. curry powder, taco seasoning
16. onions
17. celery
18. olive paste (don’t need much)
19. capers
20. salt & pepper
21. soy sauce
22. fish sauce
23. spring onions
24. pickled vegetables
25. low sugar salsa
26. mustard
27. mint sauce
27. a little horseradish (hot not creamed)
28. tamari sauce
29. miso paste
30. shallots


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