How to Speed Up Metabolism

Your metabolism controls how quickly you burn up energy from the food you eat and stored fat, so is it possible to speed up metabolism?

A fast metabolism will mean you have more energy, are able to eat more food without gaining weight, and will find losing weight much easier.

Unfortunately the thing most people do in a bid to lose weight results in the complete opposite – a slower metabolism.

This means less energy, feeling sluggish, and difficult or stalled weight loss.

Very frustrating!

Metabolism rate is dependant on many factors but the three main ones are:

– body size (both in our control – fat and muscle mass, and out of our control – height and skeletal build)

– muscle mass – how much muscle you have on your body

– dietary choices – some foods support your metabolism more than others.

I’ll go into each of these and how you can influence them to speed up your metabolism in more detail in the video.

Now you may have heard that certain substances, such as caffeine, green tea and cayenne pepper can speed up metabolism, and yes there is some truth to this,

BUT the difference they make is tiny, insignificant even, so in the grand scheme of things are unlikely to help in the slightest when it comes to losing weight.

Focus on the important things like I talk about in the video.

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