Is Food Combining any good for Weight Loss?

The Food Combining Diet, also known as the Hay diet after it’s founder William Hay, was developed as a lifestyle plan to treat obesity and other diseases and health problems such as heart disease and digestive problems.

The principals are that since different foods digest at different speeds, combining them disrupts optimal digestion and nutrient absorption, thus compromising health.

So for example fruit should be eaten on an empty stomach, as should dairy. Protein can be eaten with non starchy vegetables, but not starchy vegetables or sugars such as fruit.

Starchy vegetables can be eaten with non starchy veg (such as greens) but not proteins.

It’s confusing, but aside from that does it work or have any science behind it?

It makes sense that foods digested at different rates should be eaten separately, but does that translate into reality in our body when we eat them?

That’s what this video is about.

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